Charter Bus Prices in Denver

At Denver Charter Bus Company, we don’t believe group transportation has to be difficult to organize. Renting a charter bus eliminates the stress of figuring out your transportation on the fly. You won’t need to separate your group members with carpooling, hotel shuttles, rideshare services or public transportation.

Denver Charter Bus Company is fully-equipped to make the transportation process simple and stress-free. Public transportation and rideshare app fees can quickly add up, but a motorcoach is the most cost-effective way for groups to explore a new city.  Instead of feeling rushed with public transportation or overcrowded in small rental vehicles, your group can explore Denver on your own time in a spacious and comfortable charter bus.

We've compiled average prices for charter bus and minibus prices in Denver to help you plan your trip:

Vehicle Type Per Hour Per Day
56-Passenger Charter Bus $124 – $170 $1,252 – $1,589
25-Passenger Minibus $119 – $153 $1,229 – $1,473
20-Passenger Minibus $116 – $145 $1,160 – $1,357
18-Passenger Minibus $113 – $140 $1,136 – $1,264

*The above chart is just a general estimate of prices in the Denver area, as charter bus rental costs are never one-size-fits-all. There are a variety of factors that determine your price, including:

  1. The season and availability.
  2. Local events.
  3. Your group’s size.
  4. The distance and length of your trip.
  5. The bus model.

**Keep in mind that you may receive an extra charge for mile overages, and your trip must last at least 5 hours to book with us. 

Denver Charter Bus Company has a 24/7 reservation team ready to help you plan your trip and work around your specific budget. If you have any questions or concerns, call us any time at (303) 495-2341.

Locals and tourists alike love what Denver has to offer. Here are just a few popular trips we’ve helped our clients experience to give you an idea of costs and things to do:

The Great American Beer Festival

Recommended stops: The Great American Beer Festival -> Bar hopping

Donna and her group of friends wanted to attend the annual Great American Beer Festival and carry on the festivities into the night, but didn’t want to worry about driving on their own while they were drinking. With a group of 15 girls, splitting everyone up and staying together on public transportation or rideshare apps seemed too much of a hassle, so they decided to reach out to Denver Charter Bus Company for the perfect solution.

Donna’s reservation agent recommended an 18-passenger minibus rental for their day out, and their chauffeured service carried on through the night as they went bar hopping. Because they planned to stay there for the whole event, 5:30 p.m.- 10 p.m., and then go bar hopping afterwards, they were charged a daily rate for the bus. Additionally, since they were renting a bus during a popular local event, demand was high and caused their rental rate to be a little pricier than usual. Either way, with a large group, they still ended up picking the most cost-effective transportation option for an unforgettable day out together.

Total: $1,200

Cost per person: $80

The Ultimate Sightseers

Recommended stops: Colorado State Capitol -> Denver Millennium Bridge ->  Elitch Gardens Theme Park

Every year, Ryan plans a fun-filled family reunion for his big family of 25 people. This year, he decided they will tour Denver together and called Denver Charter Bus Company to help organize transportation for the ultimate sightseeing tour. They planned to spend a whole day hitting Denver’s top attractions, and they knew renting a bus was the best way to relax and have fun without worrying about navigating new roads, finding parking, and dealing with traffic.

Their reservation agent found them a comfortable, roomy 25-passenger minibus to shuttle them to Denver’s top tourist attractions. Their bus picked them up from the airport and shuttled them to view the Colorado State Capitol, Denver Millennium Bridge, and then to spend the rest of their day at the Elitch Gardens Theme Park. Ryan’s family was able to spend quality time together, catch up, and tour a new city without even thinking about the group transportation logistics. Ryan was charged for a full day for their bus, and each family member was able to spend more money at attractions with the money they saved.

Total cost: $1350

Cost per person: $54

Kid-Friendly Fun

Recommended stops: Denver Firefighters Museum -> Denver Zoo

Stephen, a 4th-grade teacher in Aurora, was planning an eventful day in Denver with his coworkers for their students. With 102 students and 4 chaperones, they know they needed a reliable and comfortable bus for the trip.

They called Denver Charter Bus Company and were recommended 2 full-sized charter buses for their large group. They planned on only being in Denver for around 6 hours, first stopping at the Denver Firefighters Museum and then visiting the Denver Zoo. Denver Charter Bus Company requires a 5-hour minimum for all bus rentals and charged Stephen an hourly rate for 7 hours to accommodate pickup and drop off times.

Total: $2,380

Cost per person: $22.45

Plan Your Trip with Denver Charter Bus Company

Renting a charter bus is the most cost-effective way to travel with your group, but always remember to account for outside factors like tolls, parking, and hotel accommodations as well as gratuity of around 10%-20% of your total cost when planning your budget.

If you’re still unsure where to begin, Denver Charter Bus Company has a 24/7 team of experts to help you with your trip planning. We can help you break down costs and plan the perfect trip when you call us at (303) 495-2341.

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