Answering Your Questions about Denver Charter Bus Rentals

If it’s your first time renting a charter bus in Denver, or you’re in the market for top-notch transportation service, you may have some questions about what your charter bus rental includes. Read on to satisfy your curiosity and learn more about the details of booking a charter bus rental in Denver. Still have questions by the end of this page? Give us a call anytime at 303-495-2341 to speak with a member of our 24/7 reservation team and get your answer!


About Pricing and Payments:

What is the cost of my charter bus rental?

Charter bus prices in Denver vary based on the season, availability of buses, the size of your group, local events, the distance and length of your trip, and the model of bus you rent. When you call us at 303-495-2341 and tell us about your trip and the needs of your group, we’ll calculate a free, personalized quote for your charter bus rental over the phone.

What will be included in my quote?

Your total quote will include fuel, full liability insurance, the cost of professional driver service, and use of your bus for the duration of your trip, which is typically charged per hour or per day. Be mindful that some costs and fees won’t be included in your quote, such as driver gratuity, parking fees, cleaning fees, and lodging for your driver for an overnight trip. We recommend carrying cash with you onboard to be prepared for any fees not included in your quote that are related to your trip.

How much should I tip my driver?

If you’d like to tip your driver, we recommend a cash tip that’s 5-10% of the cost of your trip.

What is the payment process?

After your charter bus rental reservation is made, you must pay a deposit of 10-30% of the total cost of your trip. The full balance is due no later than 14 days prior to your trip. You can pay by check, credit card, or via wire/ACH. If your organization wants to use a purchase order, let your reservation specialist know when you call.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your charter bus rental booking, it’s important to do so at least 14 days before your trip. At this point, you won’t be asked to pay the full cost of your rental, however, we won’t be able to refund your deposit. If you cancel with 14 or fewer days before your trip, unfortunately, we won’t be able to process a refund and you will need to pay the full cost of your charter bus rental.


About Your Charter Bus Rental:

What type of charter bus can I rent?

There are multiple types of charter buses for rent in Denver, and Denver Charter Bus Company can pair you with the perfect one. Options include:

●      56-Passenger charter bus rental, great for large groups, long-distance travel, and multi-day trips

●      25-Passenger minibus rental, great for medium-sized groups, day trips, and shuttle services

●      20-Passenger minibus rental, great for medium-sized groups, day trips, and shuttle services

●      18-Passenger minibus rental, great for small groups and shuttle services

What amenities or features are available with my bus rental?

Your charter bus rental will come fitted with features and amenities designed for your comfort while on the road. They vary by make and model of your bus and can include:

●      Adjustable reclining seats

●      Air conditioning

●      On-board restroom

●      Flat-screen TVs and DVD player

●      WiFi

●      AM/FM radio

●      Power outlets

●      PA system

●      Overhead and undercarriage storage space

If you want to ensure your charter bus rental includes a specific amenity, please request it when you call us at 303-495-2341.

Can I drive my charter bus rental bus?

No, you can not drive your charter bus rental, even if you are qualified to do so. A licensed, professional driver will be assigned to drive your bus rental from beginning to end of your trip.


About Trip Planning:

What charter services do you offer?

Our group transportation services in Denver cover a variety of travel needs for all types of groups, events, and occasions. For example, you can rent a charter bus or minibus for sports team travel to and from tournaments and games, shuttle service for a wedding day transportation and airport pick-ups and drop-offs, or private transportation service to concerts and festivals in Denver or a custom brewery tour. Other charter bus services that Denver Charter Bus Company can provide include corporate events, school events, senior citizen transportation, and travel to outdoor activities.

Where do you offer your bus rental services?

You can book a charter bus rental with us for trips and events in and around Denver, the Greater Denver Area, and surrounding Colorado. Our most popular service areas include Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Englewood, and Lakewood, however, we’re capable of organizing long-distance trips from Denver to anywhere in the continental United States.

What if travel plans change?

In the event your plans change after you’ve already booked your charter bus rental with us, please give us a call at 310-667-6197 to speak with a reservation specialist and see if we can accommodate you. For example, call us if you want to change pick-up or drop-off locations, add more passengers and need a larger bus or an additional bus, or need special accommodations such as an ADA accessible bus.

Will I need to find parking for my charter bus rental?

In general, your driver and reservation specialist will know all the ins and outs of your trip, including where to park your charter bus rental. However, you may be responsible for finding parking at hotels, event venues, and any location where the bus needs to wait for you for an hour or more. In the event you need to do this, your reservation specialist will let you know. To find parking at a hotel or event venue, try calling their customer service for information about the best places for charter bus or oversized vehicle parking.

Will my driver need to take breaks?

Drivers can only operate a bus for 10 consecutive hours, so if your trip is long-distance or multi-day, then yes, they’re legally required to take an 8-hour break. Please note that you will need to book a private hotel room for your driver if you’re planning an overnight trip, and the cost of the room isn’t included in your quote. Some hotels offer deals for group stays, so give your hotel a call to ask about their policy for booking rooms for your charter bus driver.

Will I need to provide food or drink for my driver?

Ultimately, your driver is responsible for their own meals, even during overnight stays. However, if you bring your own food and drink on the bus, feel free to offer your driver a snack or cold beverage!


About Charter Bus Rules:

Can we eat and drink on the bus?

Yes, food and drinks are allowed on most motorcoaches. We recommend limiting your food and beverage choices to options that are easy to transport and difficult to spill in order to avoid a mess. You may be charged a cleaning fee if your bus has any litter, spills, or stains left over after your trip.

Can we drink alcohol on the bus?

In most cases, yes, you can bring alcohol aboard your charter bus rental and drink it onboard. When you call us to book your bus, mention your plans to drink on your charter bus so your reservation specialist can provide you with the best information and type of bus to meet your needs.

Can we smoke on the bus?

No, you can not smoke on your charter bus rental. In the event someone in your group smokes onboard, you may have to pay a fine and/or cleaning fee.

Do we need to clean our charter bus rental?

In general, there’s no need to worry about cleaning your charter bus rental, but you and your group are encouraged to throw away trash and clean up any spills to avoid a cleaning fee.


Renting a Bus with Denver Charter Bus Company

Don’t see your question listed here? Give us a call at 303-495-2341 to speak with a reservation specialist. Our team is available 24/7 to answer questions and help you with your rental booking process!